Kerry Achieves Deal to Revive Mideast Talks –

To be a Palestinian refugee in Syria is now twice a problem. They are already foreigners in the country and now with the fighting around Damascus have been forced to fly as refugees to the neighbor countries, again as a strangers among the others. I’m impressed by some pieces by AlJazeera I saw this days. […]

PLO : Parishes from the Bethlehem and Ramallah areas received bw 30% & 40% of the permits they requested from Israel to attend Palm Sunday

President Obama spoke in the West Bank about the two States solution for Israel and Palestine, but said that unilateral actions from both sides undermines the goal, one of them the constant building of settlements in the occupied territories by the jewish settlers. The US president did not bring a plan for new peace talks, but […]

I have a friend who is walking from Santiago, Spain to Jerusalem in behalf of an association of families with people ill of Alzheimer who is already in Croatia after doing almost 1,900 miles. One of is friends advised him in is blog to be careful, entering the Balkans, “land of tribal fights” “Religion fundamentalism”, […]

Ten Years ago, the World was watching how the people who searched sanctuary in the Bethlehem basilica and found themselves trapped there with the religious, nuns and friars who refused to leave for weeks in solidarity and to fulfill their mission of take care of the Christian Holy Sites in Israel and Palestine,  began to […]

There has been a kidnaping of a vulnerable wounded person. in a few moments the house is full of police, a negotiator, some strange devices attached to the phone lines to detect the calls, people who can find in seconds large amounts of money, food, means of escape and when the needed of protection is […]