The terrorists have created chaos, fear, incredible pain, and destruction on lives among ordinary people who were having fun as is common in the beginning of the occidental weekend. A concert, a dinner, a football match have become scenes of panic and death. The terrorists want to disrupt the normal way of life in Occident and spread fear among the people.

The horrific attack on Charlie Hebdo, with at least two terrorists storming into a meeting of the cartoonists and journalists to killing them cold-blooded after calling some of them by their names, has terrified France and started a wave of protests and demonstrations in solidarity with the satiric magazine, and in defense of the freedom […]

I live in Spain, the Country that just received a 100 Billion Euros bailout to rescue its banking system from the EU. I’m not an expert in economy, only domestic economy. So this kind of things, when people began to talk about more than several thousands of Euros made me light-headed. The counter of my […]