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Pope Francis signs an important document with muslims in Abu Dhabi 

Abut peace,mutual respect, human rights, women's rights and freedom

The recent travel of the Pope Francis to Qatar and the Unite Emirates has produced an important agreement about the faith and the respect between muslims and Christians, the dignity of all the human lives and the peace, signed by the same Pope and the grand Imam of Al Azhar last February 4th. I consider […]

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Pope Francis in Central Africa

Pope Francis has been brave in his visit to the Central African Republic where there were many security concerns. He has made an appeal to peace and has talked about forgiveness and reconciliation and the power of prayer to people who have suffered the horrors of war and violence. He celebrated an advance of the […]

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Link: Pope Francis and the integral ecology

Pope Francis’ first encyclical is focused on the idea of ‘integral ecology’, connecting care of the natural world with justice for the poorest and most vulnerable people. Only by radically reshaping our relationships with God, with our neighbours and with the natural world, he says, can we hope to tackle the threats facing our planet today. Science, he insists, […]

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Pope Francis calls for peace in Sarajevo

Pope Francis made an appeal for peace during his recent apostolic visit to Sarajevo. answering to a young participant in the meeting with young people he Told about the hypocrisy of speak about peace and at the same time still selling weapons: Everyone speaks of peace: some world leaders speak of peace, and say beautiful […]

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The Pope and today's world

Pope Francis has summarised in his message for Easter the conflicts and the problems of today’s World. He asked Christians to pray for those situations but also to act: never “succumb to the pride which fuels violence and war but to have the humble courage of pardon and peace”. He also asked to them “to live in service to one another, not to be arrogant, but rather respectful and ready to help.”

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Pope Francis first message of the year against modern slavery

Pope Francis focused his message for the World day of Peace in the harsh reality of the modern slavery and what the Christians, the International Community, the States, the organizations and the Businesses should do to fight this problem that affects to millions of people.

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Pope: no to death penalty and to inhuman prison conditions

Pope Francis: no to death penalty and to inhuman prison conditions.

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The Patriarch of Babylon asks for an intervention

The Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans asked the International Community to intervene immediately in bringing help to the Christian and Yezidi refugees in Iraq and to liberate the villages occupied by the Islamic State, according to a press release issued on Sunday

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Humanitarian crisis in Iraq

A humanitarian crisis is under way in Iraq with thousands of civilians fleeing from their homes with nothing, because of the attacks against religious minorities by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) who have taken control of great areas in the north. According to the UN over the last 48 hours 200,000 civilians have fled the advance of ISIL.

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Pope francis asks Israelis and palestinians courage to find a path for peace

“Peacemaking calls for courage, much more so than warfare”, the courage “to say yes to encounter and no to conflict: yes to dialogue and no to violence; yes to negotiations and no to hostilities; yes to respect for agreements and no to acts of provocation; yes to sincerity and no to duplicity”, said the Pope to Simon Peres and Mahmoud Abbas in the Vatican

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