Iran “closer and closer to the bomb,” Netanyahu says – CBS News. Summary: (CBS News) Iran is getting “closer and closer to the bomb,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday on “Face the Nation,” and in deciding whether to wage an attack on the nation aggressively pursuing nuclear capabilities, he added, “I won’t wait until […]

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu drew, literally, a thick red line on a cartoon-like cardboard to represent the no cross point his government is prepared to wait before act in front of the capability of Iran to have a deadly nuclear bomb. “Red lines don’t lead to war; red lines prevent war”, he said. But the […]

Mr. Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel is angry because apparently, the president of the US, mr. Obama doesn’t have time to meet him in New York to talk about go to war against Iran. Something Israel is pressing, hopping that doing so in a presidential campaign time could be more convincing, and the US Administration […]