Pope Francis: no to death penalty and to inhuman prison conditions.

The Strasbourg Human Rights Court ruling that made possible set free a Spanish ETA terrorist convicted for 24 killings left me speechless. I don’t have doubts the Judges had their reasons to rule in favour of the terrorist, most of them procedural reasons, but a penal system that can set free a terrorist serving a little more than a year for killing is not fair. That’s the case of Spain.

No wonder Breivik was smiling when he heard the sentence on his trial for the killings in Oslo and Utoya Island with 77 dead people. He was pronounced guilty and will be sentenced to at least 21 years of prison! That means that when he will be 54 will be free again to act according his […]

              Manal Al-Sharif, a woman who take the flag in a campaign for the right to women in Saudi Arabia to drive was arrested and locked in jail after made public a video of herself driving and explaining her reasons to do it been aware that was against of […]

How many people are in jail because they had had bad lawyers or biased prosecutors or who knows what reasons? How many criminals are in the streets or at large because of wrong convictions that stops investigations or simply because there are no way to investigate everything? . And, after reading this report by John […]