Tens of thousands attended Thursday at the Potorica cemetery in Srebrenica,  the funeral and burial of 409 identified by DNA victims of the genocide on its 18th anniversary. They were only a few of the up to 8,000 killed by the Bosnian Serbs forces commanded by Ratko Mladic who took over that city the 11th of […]

Mr. Kofi Annan, the Un’s envoy to Syria just arrived to see what’s happening there after the deployment of the international observers, mostly a lot of violence and a gross massacre in Houla of more than 90 civilians, many of them women and children. As usual, the government forces deny it’s involvement and the rebel […]

The trial against Ratko Mladić for Crimes of War against non-Serbs during the last Balkans War and precisely the massacre of Srebrenica with the killing of 8.000 males teenagers and men in a few days, has ben suspended. And that not because Mladic has done something weird or his defense put absurd difficulties, or the […]

It’s strange that Mladic was caught just for the day of the crucial meeting for the EU negotiations. Everybody there knew that he was living in Serbia protected by military, even receiving a pay as a veteran for a while until the assassinated Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, ¿remeber him? that young decided man, the […]