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Crucial medical supplies airlifted to north-east Syria to meet ‘desperate need’

at least eight children died last week in a desert camp for extreme cold an lack of medical care

In response to the growing health needs of people in north-east Syria, the World Health Organization (WHO) has airlifted urgent medical supplies to the region, for the second time this month. “Hundreds of thousands of Syrians in the northeast are in desperate need of health care services”, Elizabeth Hoff, WHO Representative in Syria said on Wednesday. Targeting […]

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Nigeria: Armed conflict continues to uproot thousands, driving up humanitarian need

Too many years of violence and very little attention from the rest of the world

  Since November, more than 80,000 Nigerians have been forcibly displaced due to ongoing violence in the north-east, adding to two million people already displaced by violence, or forced across the country’s borders as refugees, the UN humanitarian coordination office (OCHA) said on Tuesday. Source: Nigeria: Armed conflict continues to uproot thousands, driving up humanitarian […]

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Creepy Risk

The first advice I got when I arrived was: don’t step on the dirt, only the asphalt or the concrete. the place had been sown with landmines and nobody on my side of the city had the map of where those lethal devices were placed. Take a shortcut to go from one place to another was a creepy risk. Today thousands of refugees risk their lives fleeing from the war in Syria, crossing the Mediterranean, trying to reach Germany.

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More than 3 million Syrian refugees

The UN refugee agency says that Syrians have become the second largest refugee population in the world after the Palestinians, overtaking Afghans, who had held that place for more than three decades. According to a report about the situation on mid year 2014, there were more than 3 million Syrian refugees in June which represents […]

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The Pope and the Middle East

Pope Francis appealed repeatedly to peace in the Middle East during his visit to the Holy Land in reference to the Syrian war and the Israel-Palestinian conflict. He made an unscheduled stop at the separation wall near Bethlehem to pray there and invited the presidents of Israel and Palestine to go to the Vatican to pray together for peace with him.

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Lack of donations for the Syrians affected by the war

The lack of fund donations has forced the UN to reduce the size of food parcels distributed among the hungry Syrians affected by the war.

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More than a million Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The are already more than a million refugees from Syria in Lebanon, according to the UNHCR. Which means that almost one of four residents in the country are now refugees.

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Today's slaves

Over 29 million people are living in slavery in the world today, says the Walk Free Foundation. Most of them in India (14 million) and China (2.9 Million). But Countries of the first world like the US or the UK are not free of modern forms of slavery above all affecting to foreign citizens forced into sex work, domestic servitude or coerced criminality.

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More than one fourth of Lebanon's population made up of Syrian refugees

Lebanese President Michel Sleiman called on United Nations Member States to boost their assistance to the hundreds of thousands of Syrians that have fled the crisis in their country, while urging for a political solution to end the conflict.

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Top donor countries failing ordinary Syrians affected by the conflict

New analysis by Oxfam shows France, Qatar, Russia are all giving less than half of their fair share of the urgently-needed funding for the humanitarian response to the Syria crisis.

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