Five years blogging from this spot! Since my first post about the US presidential campaign, the first one for Obama, to this day, hundreds of stories have found a place in this blog. Comments, links, selected news about topics I considered interesting and I hope my readers and followers too.

President Obama thinks that his administration have “struck the right balance” in its efforts to keep the American people safe and uphold the Constitution including the constitutional right to privacy and observance of civil liberties. He said so in a press conference in California with questions about the surveillance program Prism. Answering to two questions, […]

Now the news is that the US government is monitoring data directly from the central servers of nine leading Internet firms (Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple) in a counterterrorism surveillance program called PRISM, reports the Washington Post . The companies denied their knowledge about it. It is a program that began under […]

Violence begets violence, but the violent answer depends of the individual human being affected by the real, fictional or virtual attack by direct means, in the media, in the movies or the video games. Under the same attack a man or a woman can react with violence driven by hate or retaliation or peacefully as […]

I love New York, and not as a tourist or as a passing by, I have been there some time before 2001, as a normal citizen, working in journalism, and the city gave me very much because I arrived very depressed and left as a new person. I left the US in 2000 to fly […]

  What’s going on in a mind of a man as Anders Behring Breivik to stand in front of a crowd of youngsters and began to kill them cold-blooded without any reason? A man ho has (or had) everything he wanted, who lives in one of the more peaceful, beautiful, richest countries in the world […]

I was reading today some posts in my facebook wall from some “friends of friends” and some of them still don’t believe that Osama bin Laden is dead. They have doubts about the corpse lost forever into the see, they would want to see it, touch it to have the evidence. Maybe have it exposed […]