A United Nation senior official voiced concern over armed drone attacks in counterterrorism actions during a meeting with the Security Council that coincided with World Humanitarian Day.

Nine North-Korean defectors, aged 15 to 23, entered Laos through China on May 9 and were caught by Laotian authorities on May 16. They were sent back home on Tuesday May 28 via China. Under North Korean law, defectors face a minimum of five years of hard labour and as much as life in prison or the death penalty in cases […]

President Obama has sent Secretary of State John Kerry  to  Moscow, where he will meet with President Vladimir Putin to try to persuade him to withdraw his support for Syria and its president Bashar Al Assad in the Security Council of the UN. Kerry arrived to Moscow just a day after a demonstration by  the opposition anti Putin on […]

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu drew, literally, a thick red line on a cartoon-like cardboard to represent the no cross point his government is prepared to wait before act in front of the capability of Iran to have a deadly nuclear bomb. “Red lines don’t lead to war; red lines prevent war”, he said. But the […]