Russian President Putin recalled in a speech that Russia have allocated more than 613,6 billion dollars for the armament programme for 2011-2021, nine times the sum allocated for the previous period that was 67 billion. He also announced that the Military Industrial Commission will now answer directly to him.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the EU of trying to create a “sphere of influence” in Ukraine and warned the West against interfering in the crisis. He said also that Russia is ready to mediate in Kiev.

In a statement after signing the “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014”, US president Obama called again for the closing of Guantanamo “impeded” by the Congress. A promise from 2008 not accomplished.

A US Federal Judge ruled that the NSA massive collecting of Americans’ phone records is likely unconstitutional.

At least 13 killed when a convoy travelling to a wedding in central Yemen was allegedly mistaken for al-Qaeda fighters and hit by a drone.

A working group led by the Afghan Justice Ministry that is assisting in drafting a new penal code has proposed provisions on “moral crimes” that call for stoning to death as punishment for adultery, Human Rights Watch said. The organisation is calling for the rejection of the proposal.

Iran and six world powers reached a deal on Tehran’s Uranium enrichment program. Obama praised the agreement as a first step that “achieves a great deal” in a peaceful way through diplomacy. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considers the deal “a historic mistake” that endangers his country.