World military expenditure totalled $1.75 trillion in 2013, a fall of 1.9 per cent in real terms since 2012. The fall comes from decreases in Western countries, led by the United States, and despite increases in all other regions. In fact, military spending in the rest of the world excluding the USA increased by 1.8 per cent, according to SIPRI.

French President Hollande called US president Obama over the NSA spying French citizens after Le Monde published a report about that. But the Le Monde also said that the French Government already knew about the US practices and that the French DGSE is doing exactly the same on its own citizens.

The cycle is closed. Al Qaeda confirmed that Osama bin Laden is dead and that he was killed by US forces, so there is no more room for doubts. The icon is gone. Now, his terrorist wire is reacting as was expected: announcing “tears and blood” for the americans wherever they happen to be, and […]