Iraqi officials say bombings targeting Christians in southern Baghdad have killed at least 38 people on Christmas day. Pope Francis appealed on Thursday for Christians who suffer violence, discrimination and all way of injustice because of their faithfulness to Christ and His Gospel.

The Vatican has published a message from Pope Francis to the world’s Muslims for Ramadan’s conclusion in which he calls muslims and christians to “promoting mutual respect through education”. Saying respect is a mutual “process” of kindness, Pope Francis invited Muslims and Christians to respect each person “first of all his life, his physical integrity, his dignity and the rights deriving from that dignity, his reputation, his property, his ethnic and cultural identity, his ideas and his political choices.”

Pope Francis: My advice is always “dialogue, dialogue, dialogue. (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis met with leading members of Brazilian society on Saturday and stressed the importance of constructive dialogue, saying this was essential at the present moment. “Between selfish indifference and violent protest,” he said, “there is always another possible option, that of dialogue.” The […]

Pope Francis on Thursday visited one of Rio de Janeiro’s most visible favela slums, Manguinhos, as he continues his pastoral visit to Brazil for the World Youth Day gathering. He spoke to thousands gathered on the local soccer field, Vatican Radio reports. He told them that “the measure of the greatness of a society is […]

Pope Francis: defeating the darkness of drug dependency. (Vatican Radio) From the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida to the “shrine of human suffering” that is the St Francis of Assisi hospital, located in the run-down Tijuca district of northern Rio de Janeiro. That was how Pope Francis himself described his visit on Wednesday afternoon […]

“War is the suicide of humanity because it kills the heart and kills love,” Pope Francis said in his homily at Mass this morning at the Casa Santa Marta, reports Vatican Radio. In attendance at the Mass was a group of about 80 people, consisting of relatives of Italian soldiers killed in peacekeeping missions. “Today […]

  Pope Francis thinks that the conditions of the workers victims of the collapse of the building near Dhaka in Bangladesh were “slave labor”. In a homily at Mass Wednesday May 1st.According to Vatican Radio, in his reflections during he homily the Pope said: “not paying a just [wage], not providing work, focusing exclusively on the […]