Six days after the referendum Putin has signed the act of annexation of Crimea and added to the territory of the Russian Federation the new administrative region and the port city of Sevastopol. As it was predictable Russia annexed Crimea quickly without too much effective opposition on the part of the international community apart from some bearable sanctions and speeches of condemnation.

Russian flags have been hoisted in the Parliament and the Government buildings seized by armed men in the Ukrainian autonomous republic of Crimea while the Ukrainian interim president warns that any movement of armed Russian troops outside the naval base of Sevastopol would be seen as a military aggression.

Yanukovych’s decision to leave Kiev in the middle of the crisis has led to his impeachment by the parliament and the appointment of an interim president and has created a dangerous situation for the country, deepening its division.

1DM48399, a photo by Guillaume Briquet on Flickr. The Ukrainian crisis has reached a new dimension with the last burst of violence. A hundred deaths, people killed by police using live ammunition, protesters parading policemen taken as a hostages, riots in several cities other than Kiev… a situation that is sliding to a total chaos. […]

Violent clashes in Kiev with at least 25 dead have changed in one night completely the situation in Ukraine. From a deadlock to a complete breakdown.

Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych is taking a sick leave, while the protesters are asking for his resignation. The presidential website said that Yanukovych suffers an acute respiratory illness and high fever.
Some have seen the announcement in such a crucial moment as suspicious and a sign that Yanukovych may be losing power.