Egypt: Sectarian Attacks Amid Political Crisis | Human Rights Watch. Summary: (New York) – Egyptian Christians have been targeted in several attacks since the military’s ouster of former President Mohamed Morsy. The authorities should urgently investigate the attacks, hold the perpetrators to account, and determine whether the police could have prevented or stopped the violence. […]

Facebook has recently come under attack for failing to enforce its own guidelines on hate speech and violent imagery. The website is reacting. At the beginning of May, it reversed a decision not to remove a video which showed a man being beheaded as it did not break the social network’s policy. After that, the […]

Violence begets violence, but the violent answer depends of the individual human being affected by the real, fictional or virtual attack by direct means, in the media, in the movies or the video games. Under the same attack a man or a woman can react with violence driven by hate or retaliation or peacefully as […]

After the blast in Damascus that killed several top military officers of the Al Assad regime in Syria and the increase of bombings after that, US President Barack Obama spoke on the telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said to Interfax. As a whole the existing exchange of opinions shows […]

A year ago I wrote from my city Pamplona, Spain just at the end of the “fiesta” of San Fermin, worldly known because of the running of the bulls described by Ernst Hemingway long ago, an entry about how I though the bulls of the economic crisis the “Arab Spring” and all the other African […]

“The unbreakable bond between love of God and love of neighbor, and the fundamental contradiction of resorting to violence or exclusion in the name of God”. this is what the Pope Benedict XVI said to the religious Muslims leaders and academics in Jordan. A truth that is so many times forget in the Middle East, […]

Can you imagine that? A car bomb in a University Campus in Europe? I’m so angry an distressed that is difficult to put some ideas together and make sense. There is a terrorist group named ETA who just put a car bomb in a parking lot next to the main building of my University ( […]